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  1. Medanr

    📷 TOTM May 2024 - F150 Tremor of the Month Starts Now!

    Great looking truck!
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  3. Medanr

    PPF - Ceramic Coat - Tint

    I’m in Florida, I tinted the windows and get the truck detailed every 6 months. I was told the 2023 windshield is already tinted. Ceramic is nice but who knows how long it will last and I don’t think it gives that deep shine look.
  4. Medanr

    My 2023 Tremor got stolen - 1 month new!

    I was considering the Ravelco security system. They say it wont effect the electronics of the truck. Has anyone tried them?
  5. Medanr

    Sub install

    I had mine installed. It looks like the guy ran the power from the junction box by the battery. He added a fuse a few inches away. Then ran the power around the front of the radiator. I hope this helps
  6. Medanr

    Sub install

    I have the 401a package. Stereo didn’t impress me until I added the 8” kicker 11HS8 behind the back seat. Tied it into a speaker wire. Sounds much better!
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