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  1. bigpapan4

    Rough country monotube leveling strut ride very stiff

    I got my aligned like a week after due to too many places not know how to do an old school just type the specs into a computer alignment, and truth be told it was hardly out of alignment at all. What level on the M1s did you use? I selected full height on the collar.
  2. bigpapan4

    Rough country monotube leveling strut ride very stiff

    I have the M1s as well and put these in around 15k miles ago, yes compared to stock its definitely a big difference. Not as "floaty" so to speak taking corners and such, but there is a big difference at lower speeds. They definitely settle a bit and aren't as harsh after a bit, in the end I...
  3. bigpapan4

    Clunking at full turn when in 4A

    Not for certain, but it sounds like either A) she's stuck in 4 high, or B) it thinks or you are slipping and its engaging the 4wd, My truck definitely doesn't have the same symptoms your talking about, but I've only really done that on dry pavement. Snow should start dropping here this...
  4. bigpapan4

    DEAL April 2023 Group Buy!

    Sign me up. > Rear set release > Riser Mounts, og and quicky, quickfist
  5. bigpapan4

    🛠️ What have you done to your F150 Tremor this week?

    Yeah the guy I talked to stated that they haven't tested it on a tremor specifically, but dimensionally is the same part. AKA they are CYA on the legal side of things. The 502059 fit great! I didn't want a puck, and didn't really wanna drop 1500-1800 plus on coilovers, so I figured it was a...
  6. bigpapan4

    🛠️ What have you done to your F150 Tremor this week?

    So the P/N for the M1s is 502059, its the same as P/N 510040 just mnus the rear blocks. I verified this through RC tech support. I wasn't lowering the back end so I save 50$.
  7. bigpapan4

    🛠️ What have you done to your F150 Tremor this week?

    I threw them in at max height, I just dont want to take everything back apart adjust that snap ring, and possible re alignment. First world problems eh :rolleyes:
  8. bigpapan4

    🛠️ What have you done to your F150 Tremor this week?

    It sits roughly a 1/2" difference from front to rear, but I think it'll settle a bit more within the next coming week or 2 (have had the coilovers in less than a week). Ideally I was looking for 0.75-1" of rake. I just ordered the Airlift loadlifter 5000 kit for the rear when I tow my 7700lbs...
  9. bigpapan4

    Burning smell

    LOL, when installing my front coil overs there was a large red rubber band on both sides attached to a holding clip and some of the brake lines-sensors. Thought that was odd
  10. bigpapan4

    🛠️ What have you done to your F150 Tremor this week?

    Installed RC 2.5" M1 Monotube struts and alignment. Ride definitely stiffen up a bit more (more truck feel than that floatiness, kept stock rear blocks). ( Installed Closed box air intake...
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  15. bigpapan4

    Driving in Slippery Mode

    So I've used this mode multiple times since getting the truck in late November, in Minnesota. I've realized that in this mode the acceleration is toned down a to compared to normal mode. But I've never used this mode unless there's snow on the roads.
  16. bigpapan4

    Full Screen Apple CarPlay

    Yeah sorry bud, only way that I have seen is Carstream on android or that stupidly over priced box thing "The magic Box" from magic brand.
  17. bigpapan4

    Full Screen Apple CarPlay

    I didnt know you didnt have to use the 3rd party app! I have the pixel 6 pro running android 13 as well and have no problems with it That's odd that you couldn't get Carstream to work, Im able to run both on my Pixel 6 Pro running android 13
  18. bigpapan4

    Full Screen Apple CarPlay

    Sorry iPhone users, but if you have an android, you can download an app call AAAD (Android auto apps downloader) You get 1 free download a month I believe. Once you download that, use that app to download Carstream which enables you to watch YouTube while driving (not recommended but it has...
  19. bigpapan4

    Heat/ AC issues with temperature control?

    Shit I have mine on 62-65 at the most due to how damn hot the air is and I live in Minnesota, took delivery at the end of November so I still haven't even gotten to test the AC or the ac seats yet) I also have a 2016 ford police interceptor and its the same way, I cant have the temp set any...
  20. bigpapan4

    Warning/Faults on Extreme Cold Start Up

    -12 F (real temp) here in Minnesota this morning, remote start worked this morning (thank baby Jesus) only issue I had was the front parking sensors and forward warning. But that could be caused by all the snow that's currently plastered and frozen on the truck.