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    Full Screen Apple CarPlay

    Still no luck up the update on my end. Tried the tricks. Picked up Tremor on 12/31/21 Patience is hard….lolz
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    *SOLD* 2022 Silver 402A Fully Loaded Over $9K in Mods

    Solid point. Lots of deletes in the 23’s Curious to as….what you trading in for?
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    *SOLD* 2022 Silver 402A Fully Loaded Over $9K in Mods

    GLWTS Great price. Lots of awesome mods too. Someone waiting to get theirs needs to hop on this deal.
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    Full 6” BDS suspension lift w 2.5 Fox Elite coilovers front/ 2.0 rear

    The transformation of the truck and the OP are on point. Well done.
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    Tremor - Fox Performance Elite 2.5 Reservoir and Factory Race Series 3.0 IBP options in the works — Late November

    What exactly did you order? Didn’t know there was something out, have been patiently waiting……
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    Help with color selection!

    Avalanche would be my color choice if available when I ordered mine.
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    Tire Advice

    I’m currently running Baja Boss AT and they’ve done well in the little snow they’ve seen. I’ve heard these are on National back order and are hard to source right now. If snow traction is key I cannot speak highly enough of the Falken Wildpeak AT3W that I’ve run on my Xterra. Utah winters...
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    Ford F-150 Tremor with 20x9 BRINK Insurgent Wheels on 35s

    Love the design but need 17” or 18” for my interest.
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    Winter Tires

    Have yet to get winter miles on my Baja Boss A/T but can 100% vouch for the AT3W. Best winter AT tire I’ve had bar none.
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    305/70/18 on +20 fitment question

    I’m the one that had the +6 offset that was test fitted an absolute no go with the Baja Boss in 305/70/18. Had no rub at all on stock wheels. I’m on +20 Fuel Ken Blocks 18’s and still have a touch of rub in reverse full lock. Hitting a bump while turning also rubs. It’s manageable but I need...
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    Cat-Back exhaust ???

    Any drone on the setup. I played with my Xterra exhaust and it sounds awesome but it drones in the cabin. What a great cold Starr sound and under throttle but no drone…too much to ask, lol.
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    Dash Shuts Off

    Can confirm mine shuts off then resets and recycles the whole dash screen. ‘22 402A fully loaded (without Blue Cruise) Hopefully there’s a fix for this soon.
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    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT 295/70R18

    I’m running the same tires but in a 305. Been really impressed with them early on. Best looking A/T in my book by a bit. Congrats on the new rubber!
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    Well I sold the Tremor 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Congrats. I wanted a Raptor but wasn’t willing to pay a markup. You have the pinnacle of the truck world.
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    Level and new tires on!

    Badass rig. Congrats!
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    window tint

    Untouchables in Pleasant Grove. Used to be in Orem. Owner is awesome.
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    window tint

    Untouchables in Pleasant Grove. Used to be in Orem but he moved to a new facility. Owner is awesome. I have my front fascia and rocker panels done in Xpel Ulimate Plus. Front fascia cost was $1550. Rocker panels and truck bed lower were another $900.
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    35 vs 33 gas milage

    I’m down at least 1mpg since level and 35’s I was 16.3 all in first 1000 miles. Last fill up (partial fill) was 14.9. I’ll update more but I also let a few friends drive it an a quick loop and they let the truck go WOT so its not exactly accurate. Also side note, I did let it remote start and...
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    Stock wheels or aftermarket. Can’t decide

    Don’t own them. I only put a deposit on em to get them shipped. They only mounted one and it took em an hour to do it so it wouldn’t leave a mark so it could be returned. The other 3 never even got opened form the box.
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    Leveling Kit

    I think you’ll need to remove or cut crashbars. Tried a 305/70R18 with a 2.5” leveling kit with some Icon Compressions with a +6mm offset and had rub on front and rear crash bars.