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  1. 1warmtremor

    My 2023 Avalanche Tremor

    Looks white? Nice looking truck!
  2. 1warmtremor

    The cheap seats - not the stadium kind either…..

    Lol, that was kinda funny, I’m 6’1” and 220lbs (not fat, so really can’t get less than 210) but I love the seats and lucky for me I won’t keep it longer than 5 years due to work. But I don’t see them feeling cheap or thin. They seam like they’d last a long while as long as you take care of them.
  3. 1warmtremor

    Post your Avalanche tremor!

    Bwahahaha! Two posts, no pics! Teaser title!
  4. 1warmtremor

    box decal replacement

    I think it looks good, I removed mine till I find something I like and it matches as close as possible. Where did you get that and how is the color match?
  5. 1warmtremor

    Went from putting 87 to 93!!!

    Not sure, I set my JB4 tune to E30 tune and it ran great.
  6. 1warmtremor

    Went from putting 87 to 93!!!

    I just finished 60% E85 40% 93. Truck ran like a beast!
  7. 1warmtremor

    Livernois - Who's tuned / Experience

    Yes it was. It was sweet looking! Now “full disclosure” we weren’t racing, just having fun. But he never pulled away. I would love to race one off the line though.
  8. 1warmtremor

    Clunky transmission shift between 2nd-3rd gear, experienced frequently

    Mines a 22 I haven’t felt anything, mine is tuned and sometimes when I get on it I feel like it’s hard shifting (maybe a clunkish feel) dropping gears like a 6sp manual. Going from 6 to 3 on the hwy! I like it cause I feel like it’s doing what it’s suppose to and not a Pansy auto Tran! But not...
  9. 1warmtremor

    Side view with painted to match air design rocker panels

    Looks good man! Can’t wait to see with the fender flares!
  10. 1warmtremor

    F150 Tremor

    I was about to ask the same question. I think I’ve heard more issues with the “reliable V8” Than the all the ecos! I think it’s the V8 guys trying to justify getting the V8 1. Sounds better 2. Umm well can’t think of any, oh wait I think it’s more reliable. Yeah that sounds good. 3. Yeah and if...
  11. 1warmtremor

    Body Panels misaligned.

    Lol, yeah no one called it a quarter panel in the business in San Antonio anyway. It’s also not labeled quarter panel when you are looking to replace the item. From Ford or LKQ , keystone or any other aftermarket place. But I’m just playin around. It just took me back to a prior life thats all...
  12. 1warmtremor

    Anyone running E85?

    Yeah, I should have reset my computer but I was too excited to find E85 on my normal route I couldn’t wait to play. I will reset this morning and see what happens I hear E85 tanks but maybe E40 won’t be bad. I’m wondering what would happen if I added VP racing Octanium to the E40 mix.
  13. 1warmtremor

    Anyone running E85?

    Well, thank God for a car accident yesterday. I had to go a very different route to work and discovered a E85 gas station that’s not that far away from my work! I did a 60/40 93/E85 and the truck is running great. I can really feel the diff, it pulls harder. I’ll run this for a while and see...
  14. 1warmtremor

    Body Panels misaligned.

    I’m just playing, but your talking about the fender (I did auto appraisals for 8 years in a past life and you calling it a front quarter panel brought back ol memories of customers) but due to my past life I too notice almost everything not perfectly aligned, it’s a blessing and a curse cause...
  15. 1warmtremor

    Livernois - Who's tuned / Experience

    Wish you your in San Antonio. I’d love to run with you to see the diff. I have CVF Titan v2 and BOV, 3inch exhaust with BW muffler, VR intake, JB4 tune set on 6+ psi peak.(E85 tune) Runnning 93/E85 mix. And like you said it screams. I haven’t run against anyone but surprised a few cars hanging...
  16. 1warmtremor

    Resonator Delete

    I just went with a strait pipe, cut out the old and clamped in the new. I used the same muffler as lead foot. I have not been bothered by the drone yet. Im still throwing around my options praying AWE comes out with something for our trucks.
  17. 1warmtremor

    New 402A Tremor

    I removed the tremor bedside decal as well, and your rig looks good on the outside but going in and redoing all the interior trim and seats just to get rid of the orange? Each to there own for sure. Just doesn’t make since to me. It seams like there’d be a better solution to keep up with a...
  18. 1warmtremor

    Anyone running E85?

    That’s good info, we’ll with the CVF IC and get and S&B intake. Maybe I’ll be fine on 93 on that tune. I will play with 20-30% E85 when I’m near it. (Gas station that Has it) See if I notice a diff. As for now I’ll leave it as is finish my exhaust and ad the intake. If I start having any issues...
  19. 1warmtremor

    Anyone running E85?

    Oh and I only need my stuff to work for the next 5 years since I’m forced to trade it in due to work. Lol so longevity is also not a big concern unless we are talk within 5 years.
  20. 1warmtremor

    Anyone running E85?

    Good to know, what about mixing the two? Running maybe 70% 93 and 30% E85? Would this be a better solution? I’m running Map 5 ( +6psi peak boost) on my JB4 with 93 and it’s fast as Fuck! But it does recommend 30% E85. But from what I understand that’s if my truck is stock. (Not that mine...