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  1. MidTNTremor

    Rock Chip bubble

    I noticed a small rock chip on my hood today that is starting to have a bubble around it. I’ve not noticed that Chip before or I would have fixed it. Does the aluminum corrode that fast?
  2. MidTNTremor

    Parked on steep hill nose down and wouldn’t start.

    Parked on a hill nose down with just slightly less than a 1/4 tank. Truck wouldn’t start due to fuel pump not being able to reach the fuel. I’ve heard this could happen. I added five gallons and it was enough to get it started. BTW, the emergency fuel funnel sucks. Before adding fuel, I tried...
  3. MidTNTremor

    Pulling the trigger, once again..

    I like the B&O unleashed system. I think it sounds great. If you want earth shattering bass then you won’t like it but it sounds clean and clear to me with plenty of bass. It all depends on the signal. XM is the worst.
  4. MidTNTremor

    How is everyone protecting their bed?

    Dadgum! I paid $550 for Linex.
  5. MidTNTremor

    Truxedo Sentry CT tonneau cover

    You can close it with it down but it may not be as waterproof as the seal will be pushed in towards the bed. It won’t break anything though.
  6. MidTNTremor

    F150 Tremor

    I drive a 2022 Titan with a 400hp V8 and a 2022 Tremor with the 3.5. Same HP but the Titan can’t touch the 3.5. Feels way more powerful. People want the v8 mostly for the sound which is crazy in my opinion.
  7. MidTNTremor

    Center caps

    Yeah. Wasn’t thinking. The spare doesn’t have one because the mount goes through the hub. Dealer already responded they ordered the correct one.
  8. MidTNTremor

    Center caps

    Guess I’ll drop the spare and see what it has.
  9. MidTNTremor

    Center caps

    I’ve had the truck a week and just noticed that one of the four wheel center caps is wrong. Can’t believe it took me that long to notice it. I guess I’ve been caught up with how awesome the rest of it is.
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  11. MidTNTremor

    Truxedo Sentry CT tonneau cover

    Had Linex sprayed yesterday and bought a Truxedo Sentry CT tonneau cover. I really like it. Doesn’t seem to be a very common cover though. Gets better reviews than the revolver due to Bak Industries no longer being allowed to use industrial glues per Kommiefornia’s wacky laws. So far I love it...
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  16. MidTNTremor

    Leather peeling

    Hit it with a black sharpe.
  17. MidTNTremor

    Who are you using for financing?

    72 months. Credit union in DC.
  18. MidTNTremor

    Who are you using for financing?

    Got it this week. Police Federal Credit Union in DC. 827 credit score.
  19. MidTNTremor

    2023 Orders

    I should have taken pics but I was caught up on picking mine up and didn’t. It looks better in person than what I’ve seen in pics. If it were an option for 22 I would have chosen it. However, I love the silver that I got.
  20. MidTNTremor

    Who are you using for financing?

    Ended up with a 3.24 APR from a credit union. Not bad considering everywhere else was in the 5’s.