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    12.5 tire on a 7.5 tire - balance issues

    Turns out two tires were defective and would not balance at all (red on the computer screen). They were replaced and now the truck rides much much better. Next go around wont be K02's...
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    12.5 tire on a 7.5 tire - balance issues

    1.25" BORA Spacers.. only had to trim back the mud flap. I'll share pics a little later (traveling). Just to confirm.. there is no "8.5" Tremor wheel.. correct? My contact at the dealership is saying otherwise.
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    12.5 tire on a 7.5 tire - balance issues

    Big disclaimer.. Im a noobie w/ off-road tires. Most (if not all) of my modified vehicles have been road cars / street trucks. Was leaning completely on the dealership for suggestions. Local dealership installed my ICON kit.. went good, minus installing the front reservoirs incorrectly (small...
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    New ICON F150 3inch Suspension

    Quick update.. the reservoir was moved to the correct place by the dealer, however the hose's "resting spot" is still 1-2" off the frame and will hit. @metallikatz3 When you rotated.. did you rotate the fitting it self? They tried to push the hose towards the frame.. then tighten the hose...
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    New ICON F150 3inch Suspension

    Credit to my wife.. we think they installed the reservoir bracket backwards.. thus the rubbing issue (during full lock, left turn, reverse only). We're talking about a 1/4" With it flipped, the reservoir moves closer to the crash bar.. and should clear things up. Dropping back off at the...
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    New ICON F150 3inch Suspension

    Apparently everything went smoothly from the local Ford dealer.. except for a slight rub once they mounted the 35x12.5x18 K02 tires. On stock tires, everything was perfect.. no issue with control arms. - They removed the front tiny mud flaps and said that we can do a slight trim and put them...
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    New ICON F150 3inch Suspension

    Yup, sorry for the late reply.. I think it takes a day or two to get the email
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    Raptor wheels and tires on the Tremor

    I'm very interested going this route.. do the 2023 Raptor Bead lock wheels have a different offset then the 2023 grey oem tremor wheels? My ICON 2.5" lift gets installed Tuesday and we were going to talk to the installer about 35's.. however, I do like the bedlock styling..
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    FT - 2023 Raptor beadlock take offs (SOLD)

    I want... and have stock rims / tires (9k miles).. but in Texas :(
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    Halolifts Coilover - Group Buy Info in First Post!

    Why did you take the 2.5" blocks out? I see you have them for sale..
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    New ICON F150 3inch Suspension

    Also look for a promo code.. to get a little more off :)
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    New ICON F150 3inch Suspension

    Awesome! I'll find out on Tuesday.. very excited.
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    FS: Brand New Rough Country 2.5-3" Lift Kit - M1 Version *Texas*

    Ah, havent seen it with the boots.. this sale comes with red boots from R.C. too.
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    Aux switch wiring?

    why did they make the wires soooo short under the hood. ugh!
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    Torsen Front Diff

    My truck has it.. in a few words, can some explain exactly what it does? Pros / Cons?