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Oct 23, 2023
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Being the 2024 F150’s are an LCI, do we think they have the hardware installed to support the new Apple CarPlay 2.0 coming later this year? (Allegedly).

Aston Martin and Porsche are confirmed and rumors are Ford and Honda are on board as well.

From what I’ve gathered, there’s a hardware limitation and just because a vehicle supports Car play 1.0, doesn’t mean it’ll support 2.0.

The customization that’ll come with CarPlay 2.0 will be great and really freshen up the interior of the F-150 in my opinion since you can customize the digital instrument cluster as well. The new software will be a lot be detailed with tracking the internals of the vehicle.

Think the 2024’s will support it?


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They announced in '22 and I imagine the OEMs might have some early insight into that kinda stuff so...maybe the '24s?
I'd imagine the others would've come out shortly after the announcement embargo with Aston/Porsche but who knows. Short of the OEMs knowing about it and having the tech lined up for the '21 model start (which most know how much of a pain it was to get ambient lighting cup holders and heated steering wheels nevermind future tech) I'd imagine the LCI '24s are far more likely given cost/complexity of trying to work that into like the '22 runs
Looks like Android Auto :)

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