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Sep 7, 2022
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I have designed a bracket that mounts pod lights and some lights bars in the lower opening of our 14th gen trucks, thinking it will work 15+. The brand of the lights don’t necessarily need to be DD, I’m figuring this out now. This works on 5.0 and ecoboost platforms. You may have to switch to the ecoboost lower grille if a 5.0 and some trimming is necessary if an ecoboost powers your rig. Depending on if you run with or without the center trim piece the light placement greatly changes. More pics to come as I develop the finished product, I’m planning to run with a slotted design to run lots of different light combinations. Please ask questions and let me know if your interested! I’m currently a full time student at TAMU so progress will be slow going until summer time.

Thanks to @@captain lead foot, for initial design
Was interested until it said trimming. Not ready to cut up a 70k truck.
The trimming is only for the ecoboost boys. The intercooler shroud has to be slightly notched. Very minor trimming. But I understand!

Bracket has been fully made into a cad file! This is what I’m thinking will get the job done!
For those wanting to mount a light bar, it definitely can be done. You will just have to modify your plastic trim piece by trimming out the center two bars or fully removing the center piece. You can fit up to a 16” light bar.
Just finished the design v4, the lights are now centered and the bracket is easier to install!
Can you show a picture/diagram to demonstrate the amount of trimming required?
Currently in the testing phase, I’m running a 5.0 rig. From the testing I’ve done it’s just the shroud for the intercooler. But that’s on a 3.5 I’m not sure if 2.7 is different. It is very minimal trimming. It is about a 1.25” square, a little challenging to make the trim. I’ll figure out a clean way to do it.
Are you going to sell them?
Edit, I need to leave my plate thanks to my state. Can one light fit offset to the far right / left? thanks
The plan is to try and sell some to make back my money back on this project.

The plate will block almost everything except a diode dynamics SSC1. I would recommend looking at the Swarfworks plate relocation or the built right plate relocation.
More pics on the way, will post install instructions and different ways that you can utilize the bracket. Would y’all want this raw? Trying to get in y’all’s hands for a reasonable price, but with anodizing it’s gets expensive fast! Would y’all be happy with raw aluminum? Hoping to have all the info to y’all in a couple weeks!

I’m trying to get my ducks in a row for possible sales. If your truly interested please text 936-788-3820. Send with name, year, engine, and brand of light you plan to run. I will compile this data and try to test. Then when I’m ready to place orders for brackets I will shot y’all a text to get final #’s!

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I would say raw aluminum is fine. What price point are you looking at? And would the mounting surface be blank to drill our own mounting holes for whatever lights we mount?
I would say raw aluminum is fine. What price point are you looking at? And would the mounting surface be blank to drill our own mounting holes for whatever lights we mount?
I’m hoping to be close to $75, fingers crossed for under $100 shipped. Would like to stay close to the $75 mark.

How the bracket is designed there is center slot to mount your lights, then a thin upper slot to run your zip tie and have nice tight and clean wire management!

It looks something like this, this is the V2 design you can see the center slot. I have made some tweaks to center the lights and allow for easier install.

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