📷 TOTM Dick_Rickety 🏆 March 2024 F150 Tremor of the Month Winner


The March 2024 F150 Tremor of the Month contest was a nail-biter, showcasing nine fantastic trucks and receiving 37 votes. The competition was head-to-head until the very end, but with a lead of just two votes, @Dick_Rickety has been awarded the 'F150 Tremor of the Month' title! 🏆 Hats off to @TexasTea for their very close second place and @nc_trmr for a solid third-place achievement

For those who missed the voting, don't forget to view all the fantastic truck entries here:

Stay tuned, as our next contest kicks off in the first week of April!
Dang I was hoping for the come from behind victory 😄

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