DEAL F150 Tremor Forum April 2024 Group Buy! đź‘‘


The wait is over for the F150 Tremor Forum April Group Buy! This month, we've teamed up with GATEKING to bring you an exclusive deal on Gate King Tailgate Adjusters. Here's how it works: With a minimum of 5 sign-ups, you'll instantly unlock a 20% discount on these top-of-the-line adjusters. But why stop there? If we reach 10 sign-ups or more, the savings increase to a whopping 25% off the regular retail price of $228.28. This could save you as much as $57.07 off the normal retail price!

But wait, there's more! Not only will you save big with these discounts, but you'll also receive free shipping across the United States, and your order will ship within a week!


Designed to replace your truck's stock tailgate cables, Gate King® allows you to adjust your tailgate height in a multitude of positions using our patented Tailgate Adjuster® technology. Designed in California, and made in the USA, Gate King® provides strength and durability in a variety of positions to suit your cargo needs.

Features Include:
  • TheGateKing® comes as a set of two.
  • Patented Tailgate Adjuster® system adjusts to a multitude of positions.
  • GateKing® replaces stock cables with no modifications needed.
  • Simple to install in just minutes.
  • Fixed mounting bolts act as a tailgate theft deterrent.

Gate King® vs Cables
  • Gate King® keeps your valuables from sliding out the truck bed.
  • Gate King® lets you adjust the tailgate to fit any shaped item that sticks out the back.
  • Gate King® protects your tailgate from hitting the trailer jack or hitch.
  • Gate King® adds more space to the bed.
  • Gate King® works great with tonneau covers and camper shells.
  • Gate King® is popular with construction, DIY specialists, outdoor enthusiasts, etc.
  • Gate King® will not stretch or fray over time like cables.
  • Gate King® simply does much more than cables, that just open and close.

Gate King® Applications
  • Towing, aligns rear camera to view the hitch, protects and works great with camper shells and tonneau covers.
  • Easy to use for all your endless outdoor adventures!

If this is something you would be interested in, reply to this thread with "SIGN ME UP". I'll leave this thread open for 1 week and close the thread on May 1st. Once the sign-up period is over, I'll send everyone a private message with the information needed to complete the order.
And a few demo videos:


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