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Jun 23, 2023
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2021 f150 tremor
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2004 Svt Lightning
So ordered my tremor back in 21 and received December of 21.
Have only put 15000 miles on it.
Tints level raptor wheels 315s
The other day upon start up it looked like a Christmas tree. Nothing worked. Not even the seat memory
Dealer blamed the left rear speed sensor, then the abs module, and now they r stumped!! Anyone have any input on this?

Welcome to the forum!
No idea of what the problem might be, but that sure is a good-looking truck. (y)
Good luck with the Ford dealer.
I had a bmw with a Christmas tree dashboard on startup, fixed it myself by replacing alternator. Not saying that applies to your truck, just the only experience I have had with similar symptoms.
Have you checked the battery? A weak battery can cause all sorts of issues.
FordTechMakaloco had an interesting post several months back where a corroded rear taillight connection cuased the entire system to go batty. My point is that these trucks' systems are so interconnected that it's not surprising the dealership might be having issues.

This is the video I believe:
Turns out it was dealer error. There Regional engineer figured it.

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