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Mar 28, 2024
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Hello everyone,

Total noob here, never owned a pick up, looking to buy a Tremor, and would love some help from you guys. I am located just north of Atlanta and have a 2017 Jeep Wrangler as a trade in for a lightly used 402a.
Here is what I am trying to accomplish with this post:
  1. I do not know what the market for the Tremor looks like here in GA compared to other states.
  2. Input from you guys on possibility of getting a great deal on a 2023 since the 2024s are coming out. Best practices and strategies for buying. Dealer vs private.
  3. V8 vs V6 (Reliability, Longevity, maintenance cost, etc)
  4. I am sure there are other things that I am not considering that you guys can shed light on for me.
I appreciate your help and look forward to reading your replies.

Soon to be Tremor owner,
I’d take a 2023 over 2024 any day out of the week. Reason is 2024 has some modules in it where ford plans on going subscription only for in the future, also missing things disappearance of 4 speakers from B&O unleashed but that’s something everyone will replace with time anyway, and also missing some other things projector headlights now an add on, etc.
The 3.5 and 5.0 are both great motors, each has there own benefits and I love my 3.5 but others will tell you they got the 5.0 bc of reliability when they are both reliable engines. The maintenance is about the same for both oil chances, belts, etc and both should last a long time if taken care of. The 3.5 is fast and I mean fast even without a tune but 5.0 can hold its own and gas mileage is about the same for both in real world scenarios.
I think if I was going to buy today I would be looking for a low mileage non abused truck 21-23 all seem about the same. 21’s come with all the goodies everyone has been adding back(lights in cupholders, media bin, etc). If you know what you are wanting to do with truck that also gets you a good starting point(off road, towing, etc). Look for one with lift, level already installed, etc.
This site is addictive with aftermarket ideas(lifts,levels,lights,etc). If you buy new then don’t offer anything above msrp those days are done can get 2024 below sticker is what I read today.
First things first, how much do you want to spend?

Dealers in Atlanta / GA do not give many if any discounts on new TREMORS so don’t dismiss looking out of state.

I’m a V8 N/A guy but both engines are reliable.

If you want a used one plus a V8, your only option is a new or used 2023-2024.

Used and new 3.5 TREMORS are every where but the same can’t be said for V8 TREMORS.
Thanks for the replies. I had my eye on two trucks from a dealer in tampa that has a really good certified pre owned program and both trucks sold last week. I think that I have narrowed my search down to a 2022 model with the 402a package. The V8 engine is something that I like but not enough to spend an additional $10k-$15k.

The price range that I see as a good deal would be around $50k-53K for the year and spec i mentioned above and around 30k miles. Anything used for 2023 is around $64k. At that point might as well buy new if the dealer has any special interest rate offers.

What do you guys think would be the price that I should not pass up if I come across it.
I ordered a 24 Tremor with the pro tailgate which is phase 2 of production. Does anyone know when phase 2 is supposed to start?

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