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Jan 23, 2024
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2023 F150 Tremor, 402A
My truck has only eaten 93 octane and has less than 1900 miles since January. So I don't know what a lower octane feels like with respect to power and mileage

Put in 30 gallons of 90 octane zero ethanol last night. Will see if there's a diff.
I would expect it to run better on pure gas (ethanol free), even with the lower octane
Every EcoBoost, I have ever owned hated ethanol free. Boosted motors loved ethanol.
There is a reason why E blend fuels make so much more power on FI and NA motors, i.e. E30, E40, up to E85. Combustion loves the 🌽.
i haven't seen any great improvements while running ethanol free. I i do fill up with it about once a month and on road trips. ethanol free in DFW area is at Bucces' and walmart and i think they are 90/91 octane. could just be the octane running higher MPG. Outside of ethanol free i only run toptier (mostly exxon and costco since thats whats around). 93 on roadtrips for the better MPP and performance. 87 around town and commuting.

i'll definitely run 93 when the price is lower/closer to 87 though.

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