Okanagan BC ‘23 TREMOR Build


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Jan 18, 2023
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Well after a long wait, finally got my Tremor. Had waited 7 months on factory order with no progress, when I happened to speak with another salesman I knew….and informed me of the 1 ‘23 Tremor that was arriving shortly. Came in last week. Apparently the only Tremor they have allocated for the year to the dealership, which sells the most F150 trucks here in BC, Canada. Was surprised to hear that, but happy to have snatched it up before anyone else knew it was coming in.

‘23 402a, Torsen, B&O unleashed, moonroof, 2kw onboard in Agate black.

Gave instructions for no wash upon arriving at dealership and had sent over to my trusted guy for polish, PPF for entire front and 4 doors, with remainder of truck in 5 year ceramic coat.

Goes in to get suspension installed in 2 weeks. Ordered up Halolift 2.5 coilover kit with UPC’s…along with Fuel Rebels in bronze finish and 295/70/18 KO2 tires. I almost feel bad doing the suspension because the truck drives so nice and smooth stock. Lol. But can’t stand the rake and coming from my ‘19 Lariat that had 4”BDS lift kit and Fox coil overs With 35’s. Already missing that height. May do the BDS lift kit eventually…but see how I like this setup. And broke the budget for the year already…lol.

Post pics once suspension done! Here she is for now all shiny and perfect.


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Nice! I just picked one up in kelowna over xmas…i love it!
Hello from Kamloops, good choice on the ppf right away I was dumb and waited and regretted it but oh well it's a truck after all.

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