Oxford White F150 Tremor Photo Thread

Thanks! Its 50%. I think the windows are 5% which makes the windshield look really dark. You definitely can not see me when driving. My wife was in the truck the otherday and I couldn't tell if anyone was in there.

I will say this though. I've never been a fan of super dark tint because I don't want my night driving to be affected. The windshield really hasn't change it much for night driving but the windows at 5% make it really hard to see out of at night if its not well lit outside. This isn't really an issue except for driving back roads that are curvy and making harpin turns. I had to keep the windows rolled down on a recent trip to make sure I wouldn't go off the side of the mountain.
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What leveling kit do you have? Truck looks damn good.
I'll check them out. I don't shoot rifles as much as I once did and due to ammo prices and limited time I pretty much shoot my handguns enough to maintain proficiency. Pretty settled on Gold Dot for my carry ammo but always looking for FMJ for practice.
Not to be dick, but i just carry fmj now. i feel like the price of others are just fear/demand based now. We shoot FMJ so much, why not use it? you're comfortable with it, use it. I get the critical factor, but with todays world, i don't think it matters, I'm not a bodyguard. Same thing hunting now that I've got older, go for the head or neck. Why waste meat? It really just comes down to what you're comfortable with.

Here's mine hope you like it...

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