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Dec 2, 2021
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Seen plenty of pics of the 402A tremors with the new bumper but finally saw one on a finance article of the 401A.

looks pretty good although the grill takes some getting used to
How can you tell from the exterior that it's 401A vs 402A?
How can you tell from the exterior that it's 401A vs 402A?
the bumper, it is a regular painted bumper, not the raptor style bumper that I believe is standard on the 402A
Oh, you're right. Thanks. I hadn't noticed that difference. For those following along, here are two pics from Ford's configuration tool showing 401A vs 402A


painted mirrors on 402A as well
I think I am in the minority.....I have seen a lot of poo-pooing of the new grill.....but I freaking love it.

I am not a winch guy, but I think this looks fantastic...

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I really like it too. I was trying to decide between a 23 and 24 and wasn't liking the early rendered photos of the 24. Now that actual pics are coming out I dig it and should have my 24 in the next week or two.
I have seen the new grille/headlight/DRL setup on an XLT in person, of course the grille is not the same, but that headlight/DRL combo is absolutely hideous in person. Just my opinion of course.
To each his or her own.

In my opinion, that winch hanging off the front looks like an afterthought.
Got mine yesterday.


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I love the winch out there. I guess I am dating myself here but Hidden Winches were not around or common in my 20's, 30's, or 40's! I like the old school hang it out there look! Also a HELL of alot easier to fix when the cable kinks, binds up, or to do preventive maintenance on it! Especially if your in the middle of nowhere and need to access the spool area! Just sayin!
Yes, the black looks awesome! I had a 23 in Avalanche and although it was a cool looking truck, the black outshines it for sure!
Seems to me a lot of "23" Tremor owners out there dislike the "24" Tremor grill. Well I had the choice between buying a "23" Tremor or buying a "24" Tremor.
I chose the "24" Tremor because I really like the new grill and the Pro access tailgate. Despite of the price increase from 23 to 24, I felt it was worth having along with the new front bumper. Call me crazy but if one is spending this kind of money on these trucks then one should get exactly what they want.
Also I ordered my truck through Granger Ford so that helped a lot reducing the big price tag.
My Tremor 402a finally has a build date of 7/22 can't wait to drive it.
As @CAMDENN stated "To each his or her own."

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