Replace back exhaust stud before failure?


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Feb 21, 2023
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So the back exhaust stud on the ecoboost engines seems to fail a lot and cause exhaust leaks. Whats everyone's opinion on replacing the stud with a stainless one before it fails. Should be able to remove it and put in a new stainless stud and re tighten it down.
Do it now or do it later.
anybody else doing this?
What do you mean "seems to fail a lot"? The older generation ecoboost had less support on the rear of the manifold, and the weight of the turbo on the relatively unsupported manifold caused issues. Ford has added an additional stud on the rear by the turbo for the Gen 3 3.5Eb. Are you referring to some other new issue in this area?
no, im not sure if there is an issue with the new trucks, but if there was, it might be best to head it off before it happens and blows the gasket out. Maybe its a non issue. I came from a 2012, and had this happen on both sides of my motor. SS studs fix this problem.
I know of multiple trucks this happened to prior to 21. I dont think that I have heard of it still being an issue on this gen.

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