📷 TOTM rob28 🏆 October 2023 F150 Tremor of the Month Winner


The results for the October 2023 'F150 Tremor of the Month' contest are out! Out of 11 outstanding trucks vying for the title, we recorded a total of 41 votes. Amidst an amazing fall backdrop, one F150 Tremor stood out and claimed victory. A big round of applause for @rob28 , our winner for the month! Congrats on clinching the 'F150 Tremor of the Month' title! 🏆

Also, a big shout-out to our commendable runners-up, @Badr_Alhumaid and @gvuksinick!

In case you missed the voting thread, be sure to check out all of the other awesome trucks that entered here:

The next contest will begin the first week of November!
Nice shot! *Makes mental note for "seasonal" photos for next month* ;)
Congrats my fellow Ontarioan

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