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Feb 11, 2024
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What spare parts should I carry for my Ford F150 Tremor for extensive European road trips, considering the limited availability of parts in Europe and the potential weeks-long wait for orders? I want to ensure reliability and confidence during my travels.

Does this car have any known weaknesses?
Spare parts?

You’re overthinking this and just like any vehicle, just make sure your vehicle is road worthy before making any long trips meaning that your fluids, belts, battery, and tires are good to go.

With that being said, as long as you’re not planning on doing some crazy off road stuff and your spare tire is in good shape and ready to go, you’ll be fine.

Any part on any brand and model of vehicle can fail at any time on any road trip so don’t stress over it.

The Tremor / F150 and many other makes and models of vehicles do have one issue that should be addressed immediately and that is the replacement of all of the lug nuts.

The OEM lug nuts on many vehicles these days are of a two piece design and they can and do fail often. This can make changing a tire a nightmare.

They should be replaced with an equivalent one piece design to 100% eliminate this issue.

You might also want to carry a battery powered impact gun and maybe even some type of floor jack and a jump box during your extended travels.

Enjoy your trip.
Thanks for Your replay, You're probably right.

A few years ago I owned an old Land Rover Discovery. I still have certain habits from that period :)
The one thing I would recommend is to find a dry reusable air filter and use it instead of the stock filters, you will save money down the road. Hold on to your stock filter and about every 15-20k pull out your dry filter and clean it good with simple green, let it dry over night while it is drying use your stock filter. I say this because the stock filters are around $40 USD.

This is the one I currently run.

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