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Feb 29, 2024
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I took my truck to the dealer because my alarm went off twice in the middle of the night for no reason. I check security cameras and saw nothing. They said the BCM showed that it went off for motion. They also said I had the newest update that was supposed to already correct false alarms for motion. The manager and I talked back and forth and we think we figured out what it was.

My neighbor has a Ring security camera with bright motion lights. It seems those lights can set off the alarm due to the car thinking there is motion in the vehicle. They had the truck for 2 weeks and it never went off once.

On to the second part. I mentioned my truck had a vibration in the brake pedal when slowing from 10mph to 0. I also mentioned the occasional hard up and down shifts. Well…. They said you need a new transmission due to build up on the clutches in 3,4, and 5th gear. It is a known issue. Got the truck back last night and no more vibration in the pedal. Very interesting.

Just wanted to pass the news in case anyone out there was curious.

Finally I have an issue where sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes for the nav screen to start up. I have video of the issue but they could not duplicated. They did “reflash”.
Did you have the interior alarm turned on?

If so and believe it or not, when the alarm is set, if there’s some type of bug crawling or flying around inside the vehicle, the interior motion sensor will pick up said movement and cause the alarm to go off.

Lights will not set off the alarm of your vehicle.
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So did you get a new trans put in?

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