3.5L EB vs. Supercharged V8 at lower rpm's

I am now wondering about the impact of the thin air at my high altitude (8000' elevation) on the blown V8 vs. the turbo V6. The turbo should help keep manifold pressure higher but not sure if that offsets the bigger displacement of the V8, even at lower absolute manifold pressure. I've scoured many other forums and the consensus is that turbo is better in this instance. I sent an email to the Whipple customer support folks to get their perspective. Will let you know what they say.
the blown v8 will out shine the ecoboost pretty much everywhere at any elevation. End of story. I love my ecoboost, but honestly a 5.0 with a whipple is going to outshine even the best eboosts. Just look at Cleetus McFarlands bone stock truck with whipple. Runs in the 10's i think.

the turbos are going to give alot better fuel mileage than a whipple.

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