Possible new owner of 23 402A

My dealer also had a black on the lot and I agonized for a week over black vs white. I actually had a deposit down on the black. In the end, with Florida heat and rain I decided to go for the white.
I got black and need to get some good tint asap… Maryland isn’t Florida but still
Hi all, I have an opportunity to purchase a 2023 Tremor with the 3.5 in carbonized Gray.

It has the 402a, pano roof, torsen diff, and Ford Blue Cruise 1.0. The truck only has 6k on the clock. We have agreed to 55k private party. Why do I feel like I'd be silly to pass this up? what do you all think?
That'd sounds way to cheap. That's a 75 + truck... something is up about it.

You may want to check if he has a loan balance or has the title
Well, I pulled the trigger and boy this truck is mint and did not disappoint. Enjoyed the three hour drive home. The blue cruise was wildly good.


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