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Went camping and wheeling in Colorado Springs 2 weekends ago. Totally forgot to take pics of the Micro Minnie but here is us on the trails.
Under the table is a perfect out of the way dog spot.
Wheeling in the springs? What, Palmer Park? MT. Hermon (Monument) or Cheyenne Mountain? Maybe Rampart Range Road?
Also up in the mountains near Silverton and Ouray! A couple pics from this last week's Colorado road trip.
Buena Vista to Crested Butte to Telluride to Ouray to Silverton to Durango to Pagosa




There IS a Tremor in this last photo.
A very wet, but enjoyable trip to the Bighorn mountains this week. Can't wait to get back up there.


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I am airing this baby out and making the kids vacuuming the sand out from the beach camping! Looking for a great mountain dispersed camp site by a Lake, like that Clear Lake photo above.
I am also thinking about switching my setup out for a Super Pacific Camper. Please talk me out of it! I break down my set up every now and then for various reasons, and I am looking for a more simple permeant instillation option.
I mostly camp alone, but when kids are out of school I take the two small boys and wife. We all fit well in the ikamper 3.O, but eventually we get kicked in the middle of the night. Looking to separate the sleeping arrangements because they are only getting bigger. If I dont change it, then ground tent they go I guess, but thats something extra to carry and what I have doesn't work for cold mountain nights.


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