Oxford White F150 Tremor Photo Thread

Side shot Sunday I think that’s a thing
New 2022 Oxford White Tremor.
Step 1 - tiny antenna (LOL)


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Nice, what leveling kit did you go with?
Right now it has the AS 2.3” from Stage 3 Motorsports, but I’m about to bump down to the 1.5” because the CV angles make me nervous. I ordered a 2” kit to bump down to but after getting it I realized that the 2.3 and 2.0 kits are the exact same thing.
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To each their own, but it looks kinda off with the decals not in the original spot. Like something someone with a lower end truck would do to make theirs look “cool”. 🤷🏻‍♂️
I can see that. I think it might need something bigger that screams TREMOR. but seriously, does anyone else think it creates more "white space"?
Does anyone put their white trucks through a traditional car wash? Any worry about powered brushes marring paint finish?
I don't. I'm the person neighbors think is crazy when it hits 45 I'm outside giving it a quick wash.
What size tires and wheels are you running? That looks great!
35x12.5 on 20’s

Check out this thread for the details
35x12.5 on 20’s

Check out this thread for the details
So stoked to finally be able to post in here! This is my 5.0 23 Tremor with 315/70/17 Toyo RT’s halolift coil overs, kmc +18 offset wheels and wheel well liners. Everyone was right! These trucks are worth the wait View attachment 16747View attachment 16748View attachment 16749
Man I’ve always been a fan of the 3.5 since I first got my ‘15. Always had v8s before then.

Just the other day I was talking to a guy with a 21 Roush f150 with the v8. He started it up and man did that thing sound great. I can imagine the tremor sounds pretty good with that motor.

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