Aux Light Bracket

Can’t thank y'all enough for the orders! Brackets are headed y’all’s way!!Expect it end of next week! Have a safe Memorial Day!
Does that piece pop off the truck so that you can Dremel the bars off?
Yes, if you have the 5.0, your center black plastic insert is solid and you'll need to purchase the 3.5 insert and before you install it you'll remove the two vertical plastic bars.


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Hello everyone, I am actually currently working on a plug n play harness to support these light pod setups. I’ve been working with @SpaceWhiteF150 to help me with the dimensions and configurations.

The idea is to have a single harness that will work for the different lighting configurations that folks are using. The 3 main configurations currently being worked are:
1) 5 pods, 2 outside on one switch, 3 inside on another.
2) 3 pods all on one switch
3) 2 pods on one switch

The intent is that it will plug directly into the plugs on the upfitter harness that I sell. If you don’t have the upfitter harness, it can still be spliced into the factory upfitter wires.

I should have a test sample the end of this week. And I have a tester lined up to make sure the wire lengths all work out.

I’ll post more once I have some pictures to share and more info.


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