🛠️ What have you done to your F150 Tremor this week?

111lbs. They were probably 70-80. I was getting a ton of creaking with any articulation.
Where did you get 111 on the block. Everything I found online was a 4 step process
Might have to try this. :unsure:
What is the torque spec?
Just torqued everything to 110ft/lbs and went for a ride.
They were a little loose but not much.
No difference.
Starting to think the noise is coming from either the driveshaft or the transmission...
Guess I need to go to ford and look up torque specs. I found the one posted @ 111 but found many more showing 98
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I might just shoot it with my 10mm Glock and set an example to all his or her friends in the neighborhood
My father purchased a .44 mag carbine that came with a nice Leupold scope. We knew it had been at least bore sighted so I tested it out on some red squirrels. Turns out that puppy was dead nuts accurate because there weren’t many red squirrels left after I was finished.
The Good Lord gave me a free wash with some much needed West Texas rain last night!

& I swapped the rear shocks with the Gen1 Raptor shocks that was inspired by this forum! Absolutely no comparison to factory shocks; superior in every way! (I have a constant load of ~700# in bed)


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It's all one unit

Ambient lighting is one of my fav mods... makes such a difference in how luxurious the truck feels.
Changed the climate control from 2021, it’s not hard if already installing voice box, media bin lights, cup holders. Just get the correct one(if have heated steering wheel, etc). Make sure to do Forescan before installing on old unit so you can upload the saved file after the new one is installed. I didn’t do this which caused me to have to put old one back in then change back out
Christmas started early since we were traveling to VT.

Lots of upgrades!
Gator retractable bed cover
Opt7 led tailgate light bar
Rigid industries bed side panels
Tremor seatbelt pads
how was the tailgate light bar to install what did you buy any links also did you remove the black bracket

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