🛠️ What have you done to your F150 Tremor this week?

Installed the AS 1.5” leveling kit. Gained almost exactly 2” of lift in the front, leaving about 1” of rake. Love the stance now. Extra clearance really helped on our Costco run. Also installed the Midland mxt-575 gmrs radio. Still waiting on the ditch light antenna bracket to ship so I don’t have it powered up yet.

Dropped it off last night for ceramic coat!


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Well I finally got around to installing my LED license plate lights. I have only had them in my console for the last 6 months....lol
I hope you didn’t get the crazy bright ones that so many people are driving around with because it just looks weird.
A couple things from the weekend:
-Diamondback cover
-Fox snap rings (front)
-Fox SVT Raptor (rear)

The DB cover is sweet. I haven't driven much since the OEM to Fox swap, but intial impressions are good. I'm appalled at how dirty it is, but the weather and my schedule have not cooperated.

Of course, I'm tire shopping now.

First time poster, long time follower. I purchased my 2023 tremor last September and love it! Upgraded to methods and 35s this past weekend so figured it was time to post.
AS 2.5” level
Method 703 17x8.5 +25
MT Baja Boss AT 35x12.50LT
Bakflip MX4
Windshield 50% ceramic with 5% strip
Front 15% ceramic
Rear 50% ceramic
All the popular Forscan changes (glare free is the way)
Husky wheel well liners
F150 led raptor style grill lights (mounted in behind the grill.


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I'd be willing to do an intake just for the look in the engine bay alone.
View attachment 29081

After yanking on it for 2 hours I finally got the Borla S-type mid pipe installed.

Sounds great while also being quiet on the highway/low rpm.
Did you paint that U-joint on the driveshaft or are you lucky enough to not have any rust down there?
Got some suntek 15% tint for the front. Matches the rear damn close. The rear measured at 23% on the light measuring device.


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Just did the "knickle trick" to help my center console stay hard (erect) took five minutes and cost .20 cents, RAD! Thanks Tremor forum!!

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